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Seattle Divorce Attorney Lawyer Rhe Zinnlaw

Respect &
Careful Guidance

"Divorce after 30 years of marriage proved to be unusually stressful.

Rhe listened to what I felt was important, respected my goals and sensed my need for careful guidance.

She was patient and kept me on track as she worked with me to move through the process." --M.C., Seattle

Compassion & Focus

"Rhe approached my case with compassion and simultaneously kept me focused on the issues needing resolution."
-- T.H., Seattle WA

Sustainable Divorce is Divorce with Dignity

What is "Sustainable Divorce"?

We've all heard about divorces that turn into contentious courtroom battles.  People tell horror stories of  spending a lifetime of savings on a long, needlessly protracted battle over assets and parenting and child support. Movies have been made about how nasty a divorce can be. Many people have heard about the negative impact of their parents' divorce that adult children experience decades later. Many people fear that having a divorce lawyer represent them or their spouse will automatically lead to all out war.

But now, they are asking, "can we divorce in a manner that does not destroy us both and our children?"  Seattle Divorce Attorney Rhe's answer is yes. And you can do it with a lawyer.

A sustainable divorce is one where both parties and their lawyers work together to protect their assets and divide them so each party can thrive financially after the divorce. A sustainable divorce is one where both parties and their divorce lawyers put the best interests of the children first and where each parent supports the other after the divorce. A divorce where the end result is sustainable for both parties over the long-term is a "sustainable divorce".

Sustainable Divorce with Dignity

There are many options available for how to reach a sustainable conclusion to your divorce. The option you choose will depend upon how much help you need to reach acceptable agreements about ending your relationship.

Collaborative Divorce is a process for couples who need a lot of help and support from a team of people - divorce lawyers, divorce financial professionals, and mental health professionals - to resolve complicated financial issues or to address troublesome parenting concerns.

For people who need less assistance, such as information or coaching so they can represent themselves, Rhe can act as an “Divorce Lawyer Consultant.” In this role she advises individuals through the maze of divorce while they act as their own divorce lawyer and make their own decisions, either in discussions  directly with their spouse, or with a neutral mediator.   

Some people need the help of a neutral person to help the couple sit down and negotiate an agreement without the conversation dissolving into a shouting match. Rhe is a skilled mediator who can work with both parties to reach agreements that are sustainable for them and their children into the future.

Seattle Divorce Attorney Rhe Zinnecker offers a free consultation to those seeking information on any - or all - of the alternatives to going to court.  Individually or as a couple, you should become informed about sustainable alternatives to an all-out war. Then decide which is best and most workable for you. The result? Greater control at a sustainable cost.