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Attorney Rhe Zinnecker, Seattle WA

Professional & Empathetic

"My experience with Rhe
as my divorce attorney was very satisfying.

She was extremely professional and prepared me for every step of the way. There were no real surprises.

Rhe handled my anxiety with her calm demeanor and helped me to look at the divorce process more objectively.

I highly recommend Rhe Zinnecker."
--V.P., Bellevue, WA

Seattle Divorce Attorney Rhe Zinnecker

Attorney Rhe (pronounced "Ree") Zinnecker knows how difficult it can be to maintain cordial relationships with one another throughout the divorce process.  Most people going through a divorce experience feelings of anger, frustration, grief, guilt, hopelessness, sadness, and betrayal. These feelings can get in the way of working with your spouse to find sustainable resolutions to your differences.

Rhe provides level-headed legal advice in the midst of this emotional storm. She can re-direct your impulses to do "crazy things" just to get the process finished or to hurt the other person. Most of all, she understands that going through a divorce is a temporary situation, but that the decisions you make during the divorce will have long-term consequences for both parties and for your children. Her job is to help both parties see past the immediate emotions and evaluate what you need in the long-term.

Rhe received her BA from Montana State University in 1984, and her JD from the University of Washington in 1994. She was admitted to the Washington State Bar in 1994 while working as a King County Superior Court Bailiff. She has practiced Divorce and Family Law in the State of Washington since 1995, mainly in Seattle and the surrounding King County area.
Rhe is a member of the King County Bar Association, the Washington State Bar Association, the King County Collaborative Law Association and the International Association of Collaborative Professionals (IACP). She is active in both the West Seattle and Downtown Seattle Collaborative Professional Ongoing Development groups. Rhe is a Family Law Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA Volunteer), and she volunteers for the Kent Family Law Neighborhood Legal Clinic and the King County Family Law Mediator program.

Rhe has called the Seattle area home since 1986. She and her husband have bicycled throughout the US, Canada, Ireland, England, Spain, Australia and New Zealand. When not counseling clients or riding her bike, Rhe is likely to be found playing with her dog, Uschi, or reading a book with one of her cats in her lap.