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Collaborative Divorce Process


Couple Arguing Over Divorce Terms

Couples often choose mediation when they just cannot talk to each other without some help.

A mediator is a third-party neutral person who helps the couple discuss their issues and negotiate a final agreement without allowing emotions to dictate the conversation.

mediation in divorce

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce is a process that allows couples who have made the decision to divorce do so without engaging in a contentious court process. The idea is that the couple can come up with much better ways to handle their divorce than a judge can, so long as the two parties have enough support to help them through the tough spots. This concept is gaining popularity with couples of all ages who don’t want the emotional or financial impact of protracted court battles, but who need help to resolve their complex or difficult situations in the divorce process. 

The Collaborative Divorce process engages the couple, their attorneys, and a team of selected professionals to work together to help the entire family through the divorce without the underlying threat of contested litigation.   

This voluntary process is initiated when each party hires an attorney who is trained in collaborative law. With the lawyers' help, the divorcing parties enter into a  contract to not go to court, but to engage in a process of fair, respectful divorce. In this process, the two people take responsibility for their own resolution without resorting to asking a judge to decide the issues in your case.

If necessary, the collaborative process incorporates advice from a team of experts, including parenting specialists, financial consultants, mental health professionals and others. These professionals teach concepts and offer multiple options to the couple for consideration and discussion as they work towards their final agreements.

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