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It is possible that you can do your own divorce without the help, or with only limited help, from an attorney.

DIY Divorce Classes are designed to equip you with enough information to competently represent yourself in your own divorce proceedings.

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Divorce Attorney Consultant

You can represent yourself in your own divorce with a divorce lawyer to guide and advise you along the way, without having to pay for full representation.  This can save both money and emotional toll in the long run.

"People really appreciate having an attorney in their corner, even if that attorney is not representing them in the divorce action," states Rhe.   
A Divorce Attorney Consultant is your own personal legal coach through the divorce process. Rhe guides you through drafting and filing required documents, advises you about the court schedule and potential court appearances, and helps you strategize how to approach negotiating a settlement with your spouse. Using a Divorce Attorney Consultant can insure you against potential mistakes that can be quite costly to correct in the future. 

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