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What is Collaborative

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is a process that gives couples more support than mediation alone.

In collaborative divorce couples draw from a variety of professionals, including financial, parenting and mental health experts.

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A mediator is a third-party neutral person who helps the couple discuss their issues and negotiate a final agreement without allowing emotions to dictate the conversation.

Couples often choose mediation when they just cannot talk to each other without some help.

Mediation allows the couple to negotiate within an environment that is less structured than Collaborative Divorce. The couples may have attorneys present or they may work without attorneys, depending on the complexity of their case, their level of conflict and their ability to work together to reach agreement. 

Mediators are trained in dispute resolution, and encourage each party to propose  and fully discuss solutions. The mediator engages the couple in solution-based dialogue, and may also propose solutions that the parties have not previously considered. The structure has a beginning, middle and end – with the goal of reaching agreement within a specific timeframe.

Mediation is often very effective. If the parties are able to reach agreement during a mediation, such agreements are binding on the parties and cannot be undone once they have both signed the final contract. 

Rhe can act as a mediator in your case, or she can act as your attorney to advise you as you go through the mediation process. Call to schedule a time for a phone or in-person meeting to discuss your options. 

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