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Divorce Attorney
Rhe Zinnecker

Seattle Divorce Lawyer Rhe Zinnecker

Attorney Rhe Zinnecker knows the divorce process, family law and courtroom procedures inside and out.

She was admitted to the Washington State Bar in 1994 and has practiced Divorce and Family Law in the State of Washington since 1995, mainly in Seattle and the surrounding King County area. more

Honest & Committed

"I was referred to Rhe over seven years ago. When I met Rhe, I was impressed by her honesty and her commitment to helping me with my legal matters.

My case was complicated and long. During the course of my divorce trial and subsequent casework, my opinion of her never wavered. Rhe is a dedicated professional who produces results for her clients in an honest and forthright manner.

I have and will continue to recommend Rhe to my friends and associates."
S.F., Seattle WA

Areas of Practice

Divorce Attorney Rhe Zinnecker is experienced in all issues that are addressed during the divorce process:

Divorce, Legal Separation & Dissolution of Domestic Partnerships
Rhe Zinnecker applies collaborative, sustainable practices to couples who turn to her for counsel when their relationship is at an end.  Rhe offers help to people who want to proceed without attorneys, and to those who want to set aside their emotions and communicate effectively with each other to reach sustainable agreements in the following areas:

Property/Assets Division – Watching your assets change from "ours" to "mine and yours" can be traumatic, and many people feel they are losing their hard-earned financial security. Rhe can help you cope with this challenge. Rhe can also help if it becomes necessary to enforce an asset distribution.

Parenting/Custody Disputes – If you have children you will need to agree
to a Parenting Plan that meticulously schedules which parent will be responsible for the children at specific times. Rhe offers expertise to clients and couples regarding the parenting plan.  

Child/Spousal Support – If you have minor children, your marriage cannot be ended until you address the issue of child support.  Similarly, in some situations it is appropriate for one spouse to provide monthly support to the other for a period of time.  Rhe can help you understand how to address both of these issues in a manner that works for all parties involved and is within the framework contemplated under the law.

Divorce Attorney Rhe Zinnecker offers expertise in the following approaches to resolving the issues specific to your relationship:

Collaborative DivorceRhe is trained in the collaborative divorce model. This means she can help you settle your differences with your spouse in a respectful process, often using other professionals to help craft imaginative solutions designed to fit your family needs. When both parties work together to find the best solutions, both parties are generally more satisfied with the results.

MediationSometimes any attempt at conversation swiftly dissolves into a shouting match when people are facing divorce. Couples who need a neutral third party to help them sit down together to work out their differences can turn to Rhe as a divorce mediator. Rhe helps you remain civil with one another while you discuss very difficult issues in your divorce, while providing a framework and options for reaching agreements about property, support and parenting.

Attorney ConsultationIf you cannot afford an attorney to fully represent you, or if the issues in your case are simple and you do not need full representation, Rhe Zinnecker offers attorney consultation services. You can meet with Rhe to discuss your strategy at a mediation, or have Rhe draft documents to your specifications, or have Rhe explain the next steps in completing your divorce. Let Rhe coach you through the legal process as you represent yourself to make sure you do not make any mistakes that you might later regret.