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Washington’s Domestic Partnership Act was amended in 2009 to give registered same-sex couples the same rights as all couples. However, many seeking dissolution are not registered, have common-law status, or have complex issues that need legal guidance.

Seattle attorney Rhe Zinnecker helps same-sex couples work through the issues of dissolution. 

Divorce / Legal Separation / Ending a Long-Term Committed Relationship

Child custody, child and spousal support, visitation schedules, the right to occupy a home, dividing property – all of these issues must be resolved in any legal action ending a relationship that is recognized in the law.  In fact, taking legal action is necessary to protect your financial assets, your children,  your medical coverage, and it can help determine legal responsibilities regarding incurring or payment of debt during the process of divorce.  

But "legal action" does not automatically mean going to court.

Today, many options for resolving the issues in your divorce are available to couples. Collaborative divorce and Mediation are less traditional – and often less expensive and contentious – than taking one’s spouse to court.  

How do you find out which divorce option is appropriate for you and your family?  Divorce attorney Rhe Zinnecker has represented clients throughout the greater Seattle area. Her response? “It all depends on the couple.” What is the trust level between the couple? Is the couple able to come to fair agreement? Are they able to consider non-courtroom options? How complicated are the assets or child-related issues?

A call or appointment with Rhe can help you determine a path that works best for your family. A 30-minute phone or in-person consultation is free.


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