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Who Needs An
Attorney Consultant?

A Divorce Coach can help

You can represent yourself in your own divorce with an attorney to guide and advise you along the way, without having to pay for full representation.

Using an Attorney Consultant can help you avoid costly mistakes.

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DIY Divorce Classes

Some couples are attracted to the independence and cost-effectiveness of representing themselves during a divorce proceeding, but quickly become overwhelmed by an intimidating legal system. These couples may find what they need in a series of DIY Divorce Classes created by divorce attorney Rhe Zinnecker.

Rhe’s classes offer understandable guidance and navigation through the legal maze, led by experts intimately involved with the legal process of divorce. You can choose to attend alone, or together with your spouse.  

The classes are divided into two series: (1) the mechanics of starting and finishing your divorce and (2) tackling the nuts and bolts of representing yourself. Each series is designed specifically to simplify and demystify the divorce process.  Class participants will receive specific information and guidance on how to properly fill out and file divorce forms, represent yourself at court appearances, create parenting plans, calculate child support, and complete other tasks that must be addressed before your Washington divorce can be completed.   

You can also choose to have Rhe's office file documents for you, calendar your case and send you reminders of due dates, and create or review documents before they get filed. 

If you believe this is the best option for you, sign up for DIY Divorce Classes soon. For details on class schedules and fees, click here.

Classes are held on Tuesday, from 5 to 7 p.m.

Two nights each month the class will address how to start your divorce (1st Tuesdays) and how to finish your divorce (3rd Tuesdays). For an additional fee, you can have DIY Divorce file your case with the Court, remind you of due dates according to your Case Schedule, have a Paralegal review your paperwork, or consult with an attorney about questions or concerns you may have.

On the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays, the class will address a variety of topics designed to help you negotiate an agreement with your spouse, and how to represent yourself in court.  Such topics include:

  • Creating a Workable Parenting Plan
  • Dividing Property and Debts
  • How to Establish Child Support
  • What About Spousal Support?
  • How to Bring a Motion for Temporary Orders
  • How to Present My Case at Trial
You can choose which classes to attend based upon your needs.  You can take the classes in whichever order you desire, and you can repeat classes if you need to.

Contact Rhe Zinnecker at (206) 322-6223 to sign up today, or contact Rhe using our online form.


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